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SASDC certification is valid for one year after the approval date, and is renewable annually

As a full supplier diversity service provider the SASDC exceeds simply establishing and maintaining a database of certified bona fide black suppliers. Our value proposition is in our network of professionals committed to supplier diversity in South Africa, enabling our members to practice supplier diversity as a strategic business objective. Our programs and services fall into three areas:


  1. Black Suppliers that have been certified must make an application for renewal of certification on the standard SASDC Certification Application forms at least forty-five days prior to their certification expiring or upon request by the SASDC.
  2. Upon submission of renewal application forms, the latest versions of all documentation requested must accompany the application
  3. The SASDC certification unit will review all information submitted and shall determine whether continued certification is warranted. In making this determination, they will employ all criteria applied during initial certification with respect to verifying and validating ownership, management, control, compliance and operational capabilities.
  4. Reviewed applications that are finalized will be presented to the Certification Committee for a final decision.

Please Note:
The SASDC reserves the right to terminate certification if applications for certification renewal and all required documentation are not received before the expiration of existing certification.