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SASDC certification is valid for one year after the approval date, and is renewable annually

Supplier certification fees are annual. In addition, there is the one-time certification processing fee of R500 (excluding VAT). Both fees are non-refundable so please ensure you meet all the criteria required for certification and are willing to provide all required documentation.

First Time Certification Applications

R500-00 (One-time Fee) + R500-00 (Annual Certification Fee) = R1,000-00 (excluding VAT) + 15% VAT = R1,150-00

Re-Certification Process Fee Structure:

R0-00 (One-time Fee) + R500-00 (Annual Certification Fee) = R500-00 (excluding VAT) + 15% VAT = R575-00

Please Note:
Suppliers that fail to renew their certification by the expiry date will need to re-submit a new application along with copies of all supporting documents, as well as repay the one-time certification administration fee (R 500.00) plus the annual certification fee (R 500.00). Fees are non-refundable.