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Join the SASDC and become part of a growing business ecosystem wherein our members pursue a common sense of purpose and leverage the platform for accessing unique supplier diversity benefits and services.  As a member directed not-for-profit organisation, members are like-minded private sector corporations, state owned enterprises and universities that are committed to supplier diversity and are working together to leverage resources and share knowledge, experience and practices in supplier diversity development.  
To join,
(1) secure CEO and/or Board commitment,
(2) complete our membership agreement,
(3) nominate a Supplier Diversity Champion and
(4) get involved and drive the agenda!”

Benefits and Services

Members of the SASDC have access to a national network of committed corporate peers, bona fide black-owned suppliers and high profile publicity. As a leading national business membership organisation, the SASDC is the definitive authority on supplier diversity. SASDC’s leadership and broad interaction with national corporate and public policy decision-makers distinguish it as a unique and responsive source for our members. Advantages of Council membership include:

  • Member development services
  • National database of certified black-owned suppliers
  • Business and supplier diversity information resources
  • Business opportunity fairs, networking, ‘meet-the-buyer’ and conferencing events
  • Formal awards and recognition

Member Responsibilities

Member Corporations must demonstrate keen interest and commitment to supplier diversity by adopting policies and practices that open up business opportunities for black suppliers and support their success in delivering on their business obligations. Member corporations are expected to designate one or more individuals with responsibility for corporate procurement as their representatives on the Council.

The following responsibilities apply to Council members:

  • Nominate a Supplier Diversity Champion.
  • Nominate senior staff to serve on committees of the Council and/ or support and assist in other activities as requested.
  • Participate fully and support Council decisions and programmes.
  • Attend the Annual Meeting and participate in electing members.
  • Pay annual membership fees as set by the Council.
  • Report Rand value of purchases from black suppliers of goods and services, with only aggregate figures being reported within Council structures.

Committee Participation

Committees play a vital role in the overall operation of the SASDC. The involvement of our membership and certified suppliers in committees is a key component of our success. Listed below are some of the ad-hoc and standing committees of the Council. We strongly encourage our members to join at least one committee to support the continued development of the organisation and maintain an active voice in addressing the business concerns.



Meetings / annum


Responsible for application review, and recommendations regarding the certification of black suppliers.

Identifies trends for developing programmes to maximise benefits to corporate members and black suppliers, identifies interventions and associated logistics, structure for linkage initiatives.

6 – 9

Membership Advocacy

Assists Council staff and Board of Directors with organising and coordinating campaigns to recruit and retain corporate members, and oversee promotional activities that support those campaigns.

Assists in maximising fundraising efforts and attendance, structure,  speakers and logistics of Council events, such as Annual Conference & Business Opportunity Fair, Awards Gala, etc.

4 – 6

Capacity Building

Plans and coordinates training, technical assistance, and educational programmes for corporate members and certified suppliers.

Ensures sound evaluation of services/ programmes, including for example, outcomes, goals, data, analysis and resulting adjustments.  Adjudicate and select the winners from all nominated applications for the SASDC recognition awards.

2 – 4