Certification Process

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SASDC’s thorough review of documentation and site visits provide the SASDC corporate members with the certainty that their investments in supplier inclusion are reaching the intended businesses, and therefore have a greater likelihood of achieving their business objectives.

Certification involves:

  • Completing the certification application form,
  • Submitting paperwork and supporting documents about your company, along with a non-refundable certification application fee
  • An internal review of your company`s certification application package
  • Undergoing a site visit
  • A secondary review of your certification application package
  • Approval or denial by our certification committee.

Certification Process

  1. Attend one of our Pre-certification Briefing Sessions to get more detailed information about the SASDC, certification and what to expect once you are certified.
  2. To access the online application and create your username and password, please click here.
  3. Pay the R 1,000-00 + R 150-00 VAT one-time processing fee to begin the application. This fee is non-refundable.
  4. Complete your application and attach supporting documentation. Note that the application may be saved on-line at any point in the process.
  5. SASDC will review your documentation, and follow-up if any additional documentation is required.
  6. A site visit will be scheduled to meet company owners, verify information in your application and to get to know you and your business.
  7. A detailed due diligence report is prepared recording all pertinent information that has been declared, verified and validated.
  8. The aforementioned report is submitted to the SASDC Board mandated Certification Committee comprising representatives from our corporate member base. Upon review, applications are either approved for certification or declined.
  9. If your certification application is APPROVED by the Certification Committee:
    1. ) your SASDC Certificate, which is valid for 1 year, will be issued and signed by the SASDC Board Chairman,
    2. ) You will be notified in writing and invited to the next SASDC Supplier Induction Session scheduled where you will receive your SASDC Certificate and gain insight on the engagement and participation processes going forward, and
    3. ) you will be added to the SASDC certified supplier database with access to all other supplier benefits.
  10. If your certification application is DECLINED by the Certification Committee
    1. ) You will be notified in writing thereof and be appraised of the right to appeal process that you may follow in lieu of the decision, and
    2. ) You may only reapply for certification after six month of the decision – the process is treated as a new application as from step 2 above