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There are many benefits of becoming certified. In general, a SASDC certification grants you expanded business opportunities and exposure to leading national companies.

As a full supplier diversity service provider the SASDC exceeds simply establishing and maintaining a database of certified bona fide black suppliers. Our value proposition is in our network of professionals committed to supplier diversity in South Africa, enabling our members to practice supplier diversity as a strategic business objective. Our programs and services fall into three areas:

Linkage Facilitation

this interaction between our Corporate Members and Certified Suppliers is the core of our existence. The SASDC creates an environment conducive for business linkages between targeted corporate procurement opportunities and transaction-ready black suppliers. Certified Suppliers benefit as a result of their: VALIDATION as a “transaction-ready” bona fide black business confirmed by our extensive vetting process, EXPOSURE to members, PARTICIPATION in ‘meet the buyer’ events, INVITATIONS to Annual Business & Opportunities Fair, ACCESS to procurement opportunities from member corporates, as well as, access to GLOBAL networks

Networking & Knowledge Sharing

involving all Members and Suppliers, we create opportunities for interacting between like-minded businesses, enabling a platform for sharing knowledge, experience and best practices. Certified Suppliers benefit as a result of their: ACCESS to a database of other black businesses, INVITATIONS to Black Supplier Input Committee forums, REDUCED COST and effort of separately engaging with multiple corporations

Technical Assistance & Professional Development

as the intermediary body, we proactively engage with our Members and Suppliers, providing capacity building opportunities for both constituents. Certified Suppliers benefit as a result of their: ACCESS to capacity building and skills workshops – marketing, social media, supplier diversity, CUSTOMER SERVICE and support from our Relationship Specialists